2023 NFL Offseason Rankings, Part II: Breaking down which teams thrived the most with their roster building

Training camps are just around the corner, which means the blur that is the NFL offseason — the NFL Scouting Combine, free agency, pro days, the NFL Draft as well as organized team activities and minicamps — are all in the past. That makes right now a perfect time to evaluate which teams crushed the offseason and which ones fell behind after the league’s wheeling-and-dealing period. The rankings below are weighted on which teams did the best to position themselves as Super Bowl contenders while also having a coherent vision going forward given the cap space and draft capital each team had entering the 2023 offseason. 

The latter part of the equation, the plan forward and actions executed to pave the way forward on the respective roster-building paths, is critical in how these rankings panned out. The Detroit Lions had some of the best draft capital of any team in the league, four picks in the first two rounds, but their team isn’t that much more improved after the draft than it could have been. Meanwhile, the top of this list is led by contenders who maximized their cap space and draft picks to become more formidable going into 2023 and beyond. Now that the table has been set, dig into the CBS Sports cumulative offseason rankings from best to worst. 

We continue Friday with teams ranked 1-16. To see Part 1 of our list, click here.


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