2024 NFL Draft pro day primer: What to watch for as Caleb Williams, other top QBs work out, plus full schedule

It’s the start of Quarterback Pro Day Weeks for the 2024 NFL Draft. So, that’s not actually a real thing, but it could be. I’m surprised NFL Network hasn’t branded it yet. Over the next two weeks, we’ll get all the top passers throwing the football at the friendly confines of their college campuses, starting with Caleb Williams and J.J. McCarthy this week. 

No, we shouldn’t put too much into pro day workouts. And teams don’t. However, they can serve as a tiebreaker, and a strong performance throwing the rock against air can slightly elevate or dip a draft stock. In this class, where we aren’t quite sure how the passers will be picked in April — maybe outside of Williams going No. 1 overall — these pro days matter more than they have in a while. 

Let’s jump into each of the big workouts and pinpoint what each quarterback needs to show.

USC Pro Day 

Date: March 20
QB prospect:
Caleb Williams

What he has to show: Williams feels like the locked-in No. 1 overall pick right now, and, frankly, any concerns the Bears may have with him probably don’t appear on film. So there’s probably…


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