May 22, 2022

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3 favorites emerge with 1 frontrunner

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3 favorites emerge with 1 frontrunner

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson continues to be linked to multiple teams through trade rumors, with the Broncos, Eagles and Commanders sniffing around.

There is seemingly no end to the Russell Wilson trade speculation.

The Seahawks quarterback is under contract in Seattle for the next two years but the idea of him asking for a trade continues to linger.

If he is indeed unhappy enough with the Seahawks and he were to request a trade, which teams are in the best place to pursue him?

Russell Wilson trade rumors: Broncos, Eagles, Commanders lurk

A new report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN suggests that Wilson is “lying low” and waiting to see what Seattle does but the trade speculation isn’t going away because “several teams will continue to call.”

“After talks with people around the league, the three teams that come up most often are Denver, Philadelphia and Washington, with a little Carolina talk,” Fowler wrote.

Broncos fans have reason to get a little more excited because of this other tidbit from Fowler: “Based on what I know, Wilson would be more amenable to Denver than the NFC East.”

The issue with pursuing Wilson at the moment is his actual availability. The Seahawks don’t appear particularly enthusiastic about dealing him. And they won’t have to if the quarterback doesn’t make a big enough stink to make it happen. So far, Wilson hasn’t made that move.

So Broncos, Eagles and Commanders fans just have to keep an eye on the situation as it continues to develop.

Resolution from the Aaron Rodgers saga would go some way to clarify the market around Wilson as well. If Denver can get Rodgers, then Wilson wouldn’t matter to them. If Green Bay convinces Rodgers to give it another go, then the Broncos could make a serious enough run at Wilson to force Seattle’s hand.

Meanwhile, the Commanders have reportedly made a “strong offer” to try to convince the Seahawks to trade.

Russell Wilson trade rumors: 3 favorites emerge with 1 frontrunner