December 5, 2021

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3 Mac Jones moments vs Cowboys that should have…

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3 Mac Jones moments vs Cowboys that should have...

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones at the line of scrimmage against the Dallas Cowboys Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday evening, the New England Patriots lost a thrilling overtime game to the Dallas Cowboys. In the 35-29 loss, the 2-4 Patriots looked like they belonged on the field with the 5-1 Cowboys. The Patriots defense did a good job of limiting an explosive Dallas offense and the New England offense had life, rushing for over 100 yards and scoring four touchdowns.

Probably the most important takeaway? Rookie quarterback Mac Jones once again assured fans that he is the quarterback of the future.

In a tense contest against an elite team, the rookie Jones kept his composure all night. Through ups and downs in the offense’s performance, Jones stayed locked in and was able to move onto the next play effortlessly.

He even expressed displeasure with the sideline when he felt as if they burned a timeout, showing a level of maturity in both the system and his relationship with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and head coach Bill Belichick.

With all of the positives that Jones displayed, the Patriots did still lose. It wasn’t primarily Jones’ fault, but he does shoulder some of the blame — there are a few things he needs to correct and improve as he continues his development.

After just his sixth game as a professional quarterback, though, it now seems fairly obvious Jones will keep getting better. Although the Patriots are 2-4, the young quarterback is giving the fans plenty to believe in. Here are some of his most promising moments vs the Cowboys.

3 Mac Jones moments vs Cowboys that should have fans believing

3. Mac Jones’ efficient start

One clear strength for Jones, above all others, is that he is extremely efficient. On the season, Jones is completing 71.1% of his passes. That is fourth in the league behind only Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson.

In Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, Jones started 10-of-10. He finished the game 15-of-21 with 229 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

While it is a case that the elite completion percentage is bolstered by a conservative offense, Patriots fans should find comfort in the fact that Jones has proven to pretty accurate and a good decision0maker. He may not consistently be taking the top of the defense, but he has been excelling with what he’s been asked to do.

Jones has been accurately delivering his receivers the ball and it has helped the offense to move the ball and get into the end zone. While bigger plays are needed for the offense to become more of a consistent threat, Jones’ efficiency shouldn’t be taken for granted. While fans should hope this isn’t his ceiling as a quarterback, it is a pretty good ground.

Dak Prescott held the ball for longer in the first half — by a wide margin — but Jones, ruthlessly efficient, closed the half with more points. And that’s what matters, right?

Patriots: 3 Mac Jones moments vs Cowboys that should have fans believing