July 26, 2021

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3 offensive MVPs for the Patriots after first…

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3 offensive MVPs for the Patriots after first...

With the first quarter of the 2019 regular season in the books, who have been the standouts for the New England Patriots on offense so far?

Even though the New England Patriots offense hit quite the speed bump against the Buffalo Bills defense in Week 4, this is still one of the better units in the NFL right now.

Despite facing the stingy Bills secondary and suffering one of the worst professional outings from quarterback Tom Brady in his 20-year professional career, the Patriots still boast the ninth-best passing offense in the league. The offense as a whole is also the fourth-ranked unit in scoring right now, so those jumping off the Pats bandwagon after just one poor outing are doing so both prematurely and at their own peril.

It’s not all sunshine and flowers for Josh McDaniels’ side of the ball, though.

While New England might have the ninth-best passing attack, they also have the ninth-worst rushing attack. Second-year man Sony Michel hasn’t been able to get much of anything going on the ground through four games this season, and an injury-riddled offensive line isn’t doing him any favors either with their substandard run-blocking.

Overall, this is an offense still figuring out what it does best and what it can afford to lose as far as game strategy is concerned. People forget that the Patriots usually start slow in September because they’re usually still ironing out all the kinks; the defense’s utter dominance this season has propelled them to a 4-0 start, and because of it, fans might be a bit impatient with the current state of the offense.

No need to fret, Pats Nation. This offense will be just fine… especially if the following three players keep up their impressive starts to the year.

3 offensive MVPs for the Patriots after first quarter of season

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