June 21, 2021

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3 offensive MVPs for the Patriots after…

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3 offensive MVPs for the Patriots after...

With three-quarters of the 2019 regular season now in the books, who have been the standouts for the New England Patriots on offense so far?

It’s a bit of a difficult exercise trying to select offensive MVPs on the New England Patriots this year.

At the quarter-mark of the season, our selections were James White, Phillip Dorsett, and Tom Brady. Of course, a quick glance down memory lane will remind fans that the Patriots were 4-0 back then and outscoring their competition 122-27. Those were the halcyon days when Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon were still out there catching passes from Brady, and nobody knew yet what a disaster the run game was destined to be.

Fast-forward to the midway point of the season, and our selections changed to Phillip Dorsett, Tom Brady, and Julian Edelman. From Weeks 5-8, the Patriots outscored their competition 128-34… almost exactly the same margin they maintained from Weeks 1-4. Nonetheless, there were early warning signs right around then that perhaps the offense wasn’t quite as efficient and powerful as everyone may have hoped and expected.

Now here we are with 12 out of 16 games complete at the three-quarters mark of the season, and New England is 10-2. It’s a record that most Patriots fans would probably be thrilled to have normally – and let’s be honest, the vast majority of fans from other NFL teams would kill to be 10-2 right now.

But with Brown and Gordon both gone, the offense still stuck in neutral, and the defense looking mortal in losses to Baltimore and Houston this year, there’s certainly reason for concern in Foxborough these days. Brady himself has preached patience with the Boston-area fanbase, stressing that New England’s offense knows what they need to do to right the ship… they just need to go out and actually do it.

Will the Patriots be able to figure it all out in time for the playoffs? Or what about in time for this week’s opponent even: the Kansas City Chiefs? Before we get to all that, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the offensive MVPs for this team that have managed to at least keep the ship afloat at all so far…

3 offensive MVPs for the Patriots after three-quarters of the season

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