March 1, 2021

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3 things on offense and defense to get excited…

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3 things on offense and defense to get excited...

The Dallas Cowboys have almost finalized their coaching staff and big things are about to happen. Here are a few things we can all look forward too.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that new head coach Mike McCarthy was making the decisions. After all of the new coaching coming in, we can now say that Jones was telling the truth. So with all the new faces here are a few things that we can look forward too.

Offensively, there are three things that Dallas Cowboys fans can look forward too.

Running backs becoming pass catchers

In the past, the Dallas Cowboys have only pulled out screen passes to their running backs when they needed a big play to kick start the offense. Well, except that specific play to be called a lot more.

McCarthy loves running backs that have the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. You’ll see that when he faces teams that bring a lot of pressure he makes it a point to get his running back into the passing game.

More run-pass option plays

Whether you believe it or not McCarthy’s offense does depend on heavily a running game. While it never seemed like his running game was effective it did give former Aaron Rodgers the ability to pick defenses apart with the run-pass option with McCarthy.

Now McCarthy has a quarterback in Dak Prescott that can beat teams with his legs and a running back that has led the league in rushing two out of the last four years. So just imagine the possibilities now that McCarthy has two players like them.

Going for it on fourth down

Every year the Dallas Cowboys seem to lose games by seven points or less and each year it seems like those games come down to a time when former head coach Jason Garrett decided not to go for it on fourth down.

Well, McCarthy is the opposite, he is a coach that is willing to take the risk especially if it’s a fourth and one. So Cowboy fans can rest easy knowing that this season the Cowboys will be going for it on fourth down.

Defensively the Dallas Cowboys are going to have a lot of changes per McCarthy. So here are a few things to look forward too.

More movement before the snap

The Dallas Cowboys under former defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli the defense didn’t use a lot of movement to confuse offenses each year. That lack of movement gave the offenses the ability to identify the coverages and exploit them.

Under new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, you aren’t going to see that again instead you can expect to see a lot of movement to hide blitzes and coverages to confuse the opposing quarterback.

More blitzing on early downs

This again is a situation where Marinelli didn’t exploit sub-par offensive lines with blitzes instead of only using it in a situation where the offense is expecting it. Nolan isn’t someone that is going to be that predictable with his play calling. He is going to use different formations to exploit offensive lines and blitz on more than just third down. If the Dallas Cowboys are able to keep Robert Quinn or bring in another pass rusher to pair with DeMarcus Lawrence, quarterback better watch out.

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More aggressive secondary

For too many years, the Dallas Cowboys secondary has failed to get interceptions instead celebrating the fact that they broke up passes. Next season you can expect to see a different secondary with the Cowboys corners and safeties looking to be more aggressive at the line of scrimmage and when the ball is in the air. That alone will give the Cowboys defense the ability to take themselves to the next level and give the offense more chances to put up points.

Dallas Cowboys: 3 things on offense and defense to get excited about

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