33rd Team gives Steelers no future Hall of Famers on the team

If you were making a list of players on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster right now who have a great shot at making the Pro Football Hall of Fame, how many do you have? One? Two? More?

The good folks over at The 33rd Team looked at the roster and decided that zero was the correct number. They put together their list of all the players currently in the NFL headed to the Hall of Fame and did not include any Steelers.

This means no T.J. Watt, no Cam Heyward and no Minkah Fitzpatrick.

To offer some perspective, they have edge rusher Von Miller as a HOF lock. They also have defensive end Cam Jordan as a likely Hall of Famer and no safeties on the list at all.

I’m not saying there is some bias here but not including any of the Steelers big three, given many of the names on the list feels like a major oversight and frankly disrespectful to Watt, Heyward and Fitzpatrick.

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