January 27, 2022

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49ers Super Bowl Champion motivates Cowboys with…

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49ers Super Bowl Champion motivates Cowboys with...

Two-time Super Bowl champion and former San Francisco 49ers fullback Tom Rathman had some fighting words to say ahead of his former team’s Super Wild Card Weekend matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

Rathman won a super bowl with both San Francisco and the Raiders and is a member of the 49ers Hall of Fame. After his playing career with San Francisco, he went on to coach the running backs. He spent a total of 23 years with the Niners.

The champion played with the 49ers from 1986-1993, which means he is very familiar with the Dallas and San Francisco playoff rivalry. In his final two years with the Niners (1992 and 1993), his team fell short twice against the Cowboys in the postseason. So, it’s no surprise he is heavily invested in this weekend’s game.

Rathman went on KNBR’s “Murph & Mac Show” on Wednesday morning to talk about the contest. When asked about the matchup, Rathman said he thinks the 49ers are “going to kick the sh** out of the Cowboys.” Wow, Tom. Hot take. Sounds like there’s some bitterness still lingering from 1993.

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl champion fullback Tom Rathman says 49ers will dominate Cowboys

His main reason for his bold statement? Rathman thinks the 49ers can easily take advantage of the Cowboys defense. It’s true that the Cowboys will have their hands full with guys like Deebo Samuel and Elijah Mitchell. And although the Cowboys defense leads the league in interceptions and ties for the lead in turnovers, their run defense has struggled.

Rathman went on to say:

“I think they can take advantage of their defense. I know Dan Quinn is a really good coach and a great defensive coach and he’s going to have a game plan. I just think with the design of plays, all the different things, all the twists you have to prepare for when you are playing Kyle Shanahan, it can be a burden to you. You don’t know what to work on. It should be an exciting matchup and I know the 49ers will be jacked up for it.”

Given the sour taste in his mouth from the last time the Cowboys faced the 49ers in the playoffs, it’s no surprise that Rathman is amped up about this matchup.

But this bold claim will also give Cowboys players even more ammo to go out and do the exact opposite of what Rathman thinks will happen. This time around, he won’t be coaching or playing in the game, so he will have to find another way to make his bold claim come true.

49ers Super Bowl Champion motivates Cowboys with serious smack talk