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7 candidates to replace New York Giants head coach…

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7 candidates to replace New York Giants head coach...

The New York Giants have no current plans to fire head coach Pat Shurmur this year or at any point during the offseason, meaning that his job could be safe through 2020.

Of course, Giants ownership let similar information leak when it came to former head coach Ben McAdoo, and we all know how that ended up playing out…

So while it’s unlikely the Giants move on from Shurmur over the next calendar year, there’s no denying he’s put himself firmly on the hot seat. Accordingly, we’re here to examine seven head coaching candidates who could eventually replace him.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Yep. We’re starting out in controversial fashion, but let’s not pretend that forcing Coughlin to step down wasn’t the first in a long string of poor decisions that led these Giants to where they are today. The real question would be whether or not Coughlin would want to come back to New York. Or, at this point, if he even desires a return to the sideline at all.

Bottom line, the Giants need an old school disciplinarian leading the way because the whole player friendly thing is clearly not working.

7 candidates to replace Giants head coach Pat Shurmur

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