June 30, 2022

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8 things we learned about the team during…

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8 things we learned about the team during...

If you were to sum up Seattle’s offseason in a single sentence it might go something like this: They came as close to blowing the whole thing up as it gets without going full rebuild. To recap, the team’s front office cut ties with long-time starting quarterback Russell Wilson and middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, who had served as the franchise cornerstones on offense and defense respectively over the last 10 years.

When that happened we assumed that a total trust-the-process kind of demolition was in the works. However, aside from those two massive shifts the Seahawks tried to keep their 2021 team together as much as possible. With the exception of 36-year old left tackle Duane Brown and underrated cornerback D.J. Reed, Seattle kept just about all of the other major personnel pieces from last season.

While the roster will look largely familiar outside of missing No. 3 and No. 54, the organization also underwent some huge philosophical changes – most notably in their approach to the NFL draft. The early results in the draft during the first three years of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider may never be equalled again even if the NFL lasts another 100 years. However, since the 2013 class this team’s returns in the draft have become a laughingstock. Good news: for whatever reason Carroll and Schneider went into the 2022 draft with a totally different approach.

Instead of reaching for iffy prospects at positions that primarily impact the running game, they doubled down at all the critical spots for the modern game, taking two prospects each at wide receiver, cornerback, offensive tackle and outside linebacker. While it’s way too early to judge the picks themselves, this represents a very promising shift in how this team goes about building its roster…

Seahawks: 8 things we learned about the team during the 2022 offseason