July 6, 2022

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A pair of Virginia senators raise doubts about…

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NFL Washington Commanders announce the signing of veteran QB Carson Wentz

NFL Washington Commanders announce the signing of veteran QB Carson Wentz

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The Washington Commanders reportedly have plunked down $100 million for land in Virginia on which a stadium could be built. The Commanders also may have to plunk down all of the money to build the stadium there, however.

Via the Washington Post, a pair of Virginia senators, one a Democrat and one a Republican, raised doubts on Wednesday about a taxpayer-supported venue.

Senator Stephen D. Newman, a Republican, serves on a group of lawmakers who are working on potential stadium bills. He said controversies involving the team could keep that from happening.

“Most people would like to have the team here,” Newman said. “The question that still remains is whether or not there is any political will to move forward this year given some of the difficulties surrounding the owner. I’ve heard from a number of fellow senators who are concerned.”

Senator Chap Peterson, a Democrat who previously supported the franchise, said he won’t vote for a stadium bill, in part because he no longer has “confidence in the Washington Commanders as a viable NFL franchise.”

Said the Commanders, in a statement issued by team president Jason Wright: “We are incredibly eager to continue our work with legislative leaders in Virginia and other jurisdictions. The bill being crafted in the Virginia General Assembly would pave the way for us to engage in meaningful discussions with state and local leaders in the Commonwealth on their economic development goals and how our new venue can dramatically support those objectives.”

Still, that bill would only provide for less than $300 million. In other cities, the money being contributed by public bodies is much higher.

A pair of Virginia senators raise doubts about public money for a Washington Commanders stadium