May 25, 2022

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Aaron Rodgers denies Greg Jennings his five…

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Aaron Rodgers denies Greg Jennings his five...

Aaron Rodgers didn’t let Greg Jennings speak as his mouthpiece, instead denying reports that he’s all about the money in a quick text to Pat McAfee.

Jennings spoke on First Things First regarding reports that Rodgers wanted to be the highest-paid player in the NFL, making upwards of $50 million per year.

“Now all of a sudden you’re trying to take a large chunk of the pie, knowing that Davante Adams is out there,” Jennings said. “[Rodgers] understands what this means and what this does to the personnel. You might have to get rid of some of these guys.”

Now, were those reports true, Jennings would be absolutely correct to slam Rodgers. In that scenario, he’d be asking the Packers to do too much in somehow keeping all the talent around them, and signing himself to a massive extension.

Aaron Rodgers denies rumors of massive contract ask

Rodgers’ good friend Pat McAfee denied the contract rumors for him on Friday, stating he received a text from the Packers quarterback.

So much for those Jennings comments.

Rodgers and Jennings have a checkered history, as No. 12 hasn’t kept in touch with his former teammate.

“We don’t text, we don’t communicate like that,” Jennings said. “We haven’t had an official sit-down, like bring it all in for a hug, since I left Green Bay. … We had a great relationship [in Green Bay] … Our relationship now has been non-existent. I tried to reach out to refurbish it but haven’t had any success. The acceptance from his side has just not been there.”

It’s safe to say that text won’t come anytime soon from Rodgers end after Jennings went on the record — again — blasting his former quarterback.

While it’s in Jennings’ job description to have opinions such as these, coming at a former teammate feels like it’s crossing a line.

Aaron Rodgers denies Greg Jennings his five minutes of fame