Aaron Rodgers speaks on Jets progress: ‘The last six weeks have been about the most fun I’ve had in awhile’

The New York Jets wrapped up OTAs on Friday, and with the team having called off mandatory minicamp, the players will have a nice little break here in the month of June. It was a curious decision considering the fact that the Jets are implementing a new offense with a new quarterback, but Aaron Rodgers told reporters that the players appreciated the decision. 

“I like where we’re at,” Rodgers said. “And I appreciate — as every player does — that Rob (Saleh) cut the last week. You know we have the first preseason game that everybody loves with the Hall of Fame Game. Which means we come back a week early. So giving us some more time out of the building I think is really important for guys to at least take a week to vacation, to clear their head before they get back into their schedule of offseason training.”

Rodgers said he’s headed back to the West Coast to continue his training, but that he’s enjoyed settling in with his new team. From what he’s seen so far, he’s excited about what the Jets can be in 2023.

“The last six weeks have been about the most fun I’ve had in awhile,” said Rodgers. “It’s fun to come to work and be excited about what we’re doing.”


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