December 5, 2021

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Alex Guerrero cameo in Antonio Brown vaccine card…

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Alex Guerrero cameo in Antonio Brown vaccine card...

No reason for Bill Belichick to have trusted the Patriots’ infrastructure over Tom Brady’s supplement-spewing buddy Alex Guerrero, right? No reason at all! Billy B was being terribly unfair to his star quarterback!

Certainly, it’s a coincidence that medical rules were reportedly skirted in Tampa and Guerrero is involved in the proceedings, right? It simply has to be an accident.

A few years after Guerrero, Brady and the TB12 method and facilities were points of contention in New England (remember when Gronk trusted them over the team’s trainers), things are going pretty swimmingly in this neck of the woods.

Led by Mac Jones, Belichick has said goodbye to Brady and rebuilt/reloaded after just one stuck-in-the-mud year. The defense is humming. The offense is efficient. Everybody seems to love everybody else.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, there’s a fairly straightforward argument for waiting until all the facts are in place before leaping to judgment.

Did Brady’s Bucs win the 2021 Super Bowl? Yes. Written in ink. They did it. But did Brady “win” the divorce? Considering the utterly dysfunctional 2021 season he’s currently battling through, replete with injuries, sore loser press conferences, and fake vaccine cards, it’s safe to say the long-term narrative has flipped.

Antonio Brown’s deception, a scheme which Alex Guerrero is reportedly a part of, is just the latest in a long line of things Belichick would never have allowed in a million years.

Alex Guerrero getting in Antonio Brown’s situation is vindication for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

The NFL’s conspiracy spotlight is on Tampa instead of New England now? What a shame.

According to WEEI, Guerrero’s involvement in the AB saga was as such:

Anyway, Ruiz said Brown’s girlfriend, model Cydney Moreau, told him in a text message July 2 that Brown was willing to pay $500 if he could obtain a fake Johnson & Johnson vaccination card. While Ruiz said he was unable to purchase one, Brown showed him fake cards for himself and Moreau a couple of weeks later.

Enter Guerrero. That night, Ruiz, who said he prepared meals that strictly adhered to the TB12 Method, claims the pliability guru came over Brown’s house to help him recover him knee surgery. Guerrero also took a picture of Brown’s vaccination card, according to Ruiz.

Ruiz said he doesn’t think Guerrero knew the card was fake. Guerrero declined to comment for the story.

Could use a comment there, Alex! Could really clear things up! Clarity isn’t exactly your style, though.

Maybe next time someone tries to use Guerrero to create a story by asking the trainer to speculate on his client’s divorce with Bill Belichick, that interviewer could also turn up the screws and ask the fitness genius why he didn’t check the pliability of Brown’s reportedly phony vaccine card.

Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe’s on the other foot, does it? Think Belichick is still sweating the banishment of Guerrero and his quarterback buddy?

Alex Guerrero cameo in Antonio Brown vaccine card saga vindicates Bill Belichick