July 28, 2021

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Alex Smith has thought about taking a hit “more…

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Alex Smith has thought about taking a hit "more...


When Washington quarterback Alex Smith discussed his long road back to the active roster over the weekend, he said that “at some point I’ll find out what my limitations are” as a result of the severe compound fracture of the leg he suffered in a 2018 game.

Smith hasn’t found them over the first few days of padded practices. Smith said on Wednesday that he thought it was his best day of work so far, but more milestones still loom in the distance.

Smith has not done full-team drills yet and he has not taken a hit since the one that left him in need of multiple surgeries that threatened more than his football future. He was asked during Wednesday’s video conference if he’s thought about taking one.

“More than I can say. That’s been in the back of my head throughout this process,” Smith said, via JP Finlay of NBCSportsWashington.com.

With no preseason and no hitting of quarterbacks in practice, it’s going to be hard for Smith to simulate exactly how it would feel to have pass rushers bearing down on him at full speed. If he does make it all the way back to the lineup, it probably won’t take long for him to experience the real thing.

Alex Smith has thought about taking a hit “more than I can say”

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