July 28, 2021

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All three guys in the mix are veteran players

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All three guys in the mix are veteran players

Hi, I am little behind in my Reading, but the saRcasm font idea Reminded me: What is up the the loweRcase “R”? Please have the poweRs that be Read “Row Row YouR Boat” using the answeR font. Maybe then they will change it. (LoweRcase R’s Replaced to pRotect the innocent.)

It’s weird. I don’t get it either. It’s like the font designer has something against the letter R.

Henry from Brown Deer, WI

Don’t you think the mandating of face shields over leaving it up to players makes the most sense? The droplet spray from the line alone would be enough to infect both teams plus refs. The shield could also protect the eyes as well. Call me selfish but I want to see a full season.

It’s tricky. If I were a player, I would definitely lean toward as much protection as possible. But this is a performance business, and if the players are not comfortable and feel in any way their performance could be hindered by equipment modifications, I totally get their reluctance. I think the team’s approach is the prudent one.

If everyone on the team is being tested and presumably tested negative, why are they wearing masks around each other? Similarly, I still don’t understand how you can’t swap jerseys after a full contact game with those same players. Reducing the spread of COVID would require it to be present.

Because of the lag time in testing. The results aren’t immediate. While a 24-hour turnaround is immensely helpful, when a player enters the facility on a given day, he only knows that his test the prior day was negative. There’s no telling if he might have contracted the virus in the meantime, and if so, how long it might take for a test to show a positive result. So you take the best precautions possible at all times.

Larry from Chippewa Falls, WI

I think you should inform us how the pandemic should have been handled. Please inform us.

I am not a scientist, nor a doctor, nor an economist, nor a public health expert, nor an elected official, nor anything but a sports writer. As such, I also have no at-the-ready sources in those other realms, and I have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in a very long time. If the chocolate souffle tastes awful, I’m not saying I can whip up a better one, and heaven help us if I were asked to. But to expect better when it’s evident elsewhere is reasonable.

Do you have to wear one of those proximity trackers?

Now that the players have started practicing, yes.

No, not the French Canadian Mel Blount? The turk is cruel!

It’s a tough business. I wanted to see the “underdog of underdogs” (his line, not mine, and one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard from a young player) make a go of it. He was chosen 14th overall in the CFL draft, so he should still have an opportunity to play pro football. Imagine being James Looney, and dropping all that weight to convert from defensive lineman to tight end, and then not making it to the first practice. Fair is often absent from the equation.


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