August 3, 2021

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Andy Dalton decries “inexcusable and horrific”…

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Andy Dalton decries "inexcusable and horrific"...

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More and more NFL players are making their voices heard regarding the recent murder of George Floyd and the societal problems it highlights. For the first time, many of those voices are coming from white players — specifically quarterbacks, the leaders in every locker room.

“I have a heaviness about everything that has gone on with George Floyd and many others,” Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton posted on Twitter this morning. “These racist acts are inexcusable and horrific. We have to fight against racism and not be naive to the injustice that is happening. Jesus came for people, all people, so we could experience His love and have eternal life in heaven. We were all created in His image. That makes every life valuable.”

As explained on Friday’s #PFTPM podcast, this is a simple, binary choice. Either you care about the rights and well-being of others, or you don’t. If you don’t, own it. Live it. Be it. And make sure you wear it on your sleeve so it will be easier for those of us who care about the rights and well-being of others to spot you.

But if you choose to keep the fact that you have no empathy or sympathy for anyone else private, don’t attack those who do. That’s the play here, and it’s both obvious and tiresome. Faced with a message promoting justice, fairness, and equity for all, those who object to that concept attack not the message (which is unassailable) but the messenger, changing the topic or throwing out “whatabouts” or shouting, “Stick to sports!”

It will take an avalanche of voices seeking justice, fairness, and equity for all to overcome this knee-jerk playbook that is hard-wired into the brains and souls of those who refuse to confront the issues and solve them. By all appearances, that avalanche is starting.

Andy Dalton decries “inexcusable and horrific” treatment of George Floyd and others

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