July 28, 2021

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Antonio Brown is Dreaming if He Thinks New England…

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Antonio Brown is Dreaming if He Thinks New England...

The New England Patriots should continue keeping their distance from former NFL wideout Antonio Brown.

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown sent New England Patriots fans into a frenzy on Wednesday evening when he posted a cryptic photo on Instagram. In hindsight, the picture was the definition of simplistic as it featured Brown in a Patriots uniform from the one game he appeared in for the team last season.

As expected, however, it raised a ton of questions.

If nothing else, the 31-year-old’s latest shenanigans should serve as further proof that Bill Belichick and Co. should continue keeping their distance from the embattled veteran.


New England signed Brown to a one-year, $15 million contract last September after he strong-armed his way out of Oakland (now Las Vegas) with ridiculously petulant antics. The seven-time Pro Bowler’s stint in Foxborough lasted less than two weeks before he was released on the heels of a slew of incidents, the most serious of which included sexual assault and rape allegations.

There’s been growing speculation that Brown could return to the NFL for the upcoming season as he’s been linked with teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans.

The Patriots should continue sipping their tea and let those respective organizations waste their time recruiting the former perennial All-Pro. Focusing any attention on him while he’s staring down the barrel of a potentially lengthy suspension just seems unnecessarily counterproductive.

You think this is what the Patriots need? Brown distracting them from getting back on track after the departures of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Kyle Van Noy and others?

Even if Brown shows an unwavering commitment to football again — who knows if that will ever happen — New England shouldn’t considering touching him with a ten-foot pole. There’s just no logical reason to trust him when we don’t know what discipline he will receive from the NFL, which launched an ongoing investigation into his aforementioned allegations.

Make no mistake about it, either, Mr. Big Chest will be punished in some way, shape or form.

You could argue that the Patriots got it wrong by signing him the first time around, and Brown’s latest attempt to create chaos within the organization should serve as further evidence that he’s better left untouched.

Patriots: Antonio Brown is Dreaming if He Thinks New England Will Bring Him Back

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