July 28, 2021

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Antonio Brown still waits for the NFL’s decision –…

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Antonio Brown still waits for the NFL’s decision –...

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Nearly three weeks ago, free-agent receiver Antonio Brown met with NFL investigators regarding civil allegations of sexual assault that were made against him in September. With four weeks left in the regular season and Brown’s de facto suspension at 11 weeks and counting, Brown seems to be getting frustrated by the lack of action. Again.

They don’t want me to be great!” Brown tweeted on Tuesday morning, without attaching a name to the pronoun. “They want my name slandered! They want to finish us! They control the narrative! Never trust they!”

“They” could be various entities. The NFL. The media. Those who make accusations against others.

Whatever the case may be, Brown wants to play football again, but no one will touch him until the NFL resolves its investigation. Nine days ago, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that a decision remains a few weeks away, because the information that Brown provided to the league sparked follow-up investigative steps.

Whether the delay is legitimate or the byproduct of the league trying to run out the clock on its 100th season without letting Brown back in, there’s not much time for Brown to make a difference for anyone in 2019. The question then becomes whether Brown will serve an official suspension to start the 2020 season.

Antonio Brown still waits for the NFL’s decision

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