May 24, 2022

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray says…

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray says...

Asked about getting a contract done, Murray said he will focus on football and let “people who have to take care of that stuff take care of that stuff.”

It was impossible for him not to notice what a popular topic he became, however, from the IG situation to the statement put out by his agent talking about the need for a new contract sooner rather than later.

In a league that has been overrun with huge player news and movement over the last few weeks, Murray managed to be in the thick of it as he goes into his fourth season.

“For a second there I was trending for, I want to say, five weeks in a row,” he said. “Every time I got on Twitter, I’m like, what are people talking about my name for, all this stuff.

“Obviously you got the whole social media stuff and coming out with whatever it was with the future. But honestly I am happy where I am at, where my feet are, keeping football the main thing like I always have.”

Murray didn’t address his plans for the offseason, but backup QB Colt McCoy said he hoped to see Murray during workouts.

“I know my first three years in the league how hard it was to handle everything that comes with being a franchise quarterback and being in the NFL,” McCoy said. “I think Kyler has handled it tremendously. I think he’s just going to continue to get better.”

Veteran right tackle Kelvin Beachum, during an appearance on The Jim Rome Show this week, said it was every player than needs to improve on the roster, not just Murray. But he added he thinks Murray already has been doing that.

“He’s matured since I’ve been here, and I’ve only been here since 2020,” Beachum said. “I think he’s going to continue to take the steps that are necessary for him to be the franchise-leading quarterback the Cardinals want to have and the Cardinals want to pay. I think he knows that, I think the Cardinals realize that.”

That kind of backing Murray embraces – “Those are the only people that matter to me, people inside the locker room, inside the building, people that know me and are around me every day” – as he hopes to continue to give away oversized checks around the Valley in the coming years.

“It’s an adopted home,” Murray said. “I’m personally wanting to be here long term to go out an impact people that live in Arizona.”