August 10, 2022

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Arizona Cardinals WR Rondale Moore keeps quiet on…

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Arizona Cardinals WR Rondale Moore keeps quiet on...

Moore sets goals, although, keeping in form, won’t specifically say what. Getting down the field more often has to be among them, however.

Moore had 54 catches for 435 yards, averaging 8.1 yards a catch. Amazingly, he averaged only 1.1 air yards per target, a nod to the many screens and throws behind the line of scrimmage of which Moore was part.

“All of sudden his role (was) minimized more than he anticipated, yeah, I felt the frustration and rightfully so,” Kingsbury said. “He’s a tremendous player. We had a lot of great wideouts last year. I am big on addressing the problem right there so you don’t let it fester. We had some difficult conversations, but he’ll get his opportunities this year.”

Kingsbury said Moore wouldn’t say much until the coach had pestered him “like 12 times.”

“I understood where it was coming from,” Kingsbury added. “That’s what you want. They want the ball, they want to be in, they know they can do it, they believe they can do it.”

Certainly, Moore would mention that, given that many believe – including Kingsbury – he’s going to be a breakout candidate for the offense.

“I just go out there, the same mindset, try to get the job done,” Moore said.

While certain veterans figure to get little to no preseason work, Moore said he thinks it will be beneficial for him to get full-speed reps.

Even if DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t facing a suspension, they would’ve needed more of Moore this season.

Just don’t try to get Moore to acknowledge that.

“Whatever they’ve got in store I am willing to do,” Moore said. “Let’s ride.”