Arizona QB Noah Fifita, an expert in efficiency, is poised for star turn as Wildcats move to Big 12 in 2024

Summertime in the world of college football is a time for coaching and recruiting staffs to get away during the dead period after a busy month of June that was filled with official visits, football camps, and fall camp preparation. With recruiting being year-round between high school players, transfer portal players, and now your own players due to NIL and transfer rules, it’s important for a staff to get away and rest before the sprint towards the expanded College Football Playoff begins in fall camp. However, before everyone heads out of the office in July, teams complete several offseason scouting studies.

First, teams conduct self-scouting reports from the previous season to see where they had success and identify areas in need of improvement. Then it’s on to advance scouting reports to see how they match up with their upcoming opponents and to see how their playing style might differ next season depending on any coaching changes that may have been made. Finally, the staff will study trends around the country and analyze what successful teams did well and how they won in the previous season.

Having worked in personnel and recruiting at Stanford and the University of Minnesota, as well as spending four years in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, I’ve experienced what it’s like to do big offseason studies for coaches and scouts. Instead of doing that for a specific staff this offseason, I thought I’d do that for you. While some teams and coaches value stats and analytics more than others, there’s a couple of things that most coaches will agree on. The quarterback position is one of the most important positions in all of sports and the success or failure of your team is often determined by the efficiency of your offense. So that’s where…


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