Austin Ekeler free agency: Jim Harbaugh says Chargers would ‘love to have him’ back for 2024 season

The running back position will likely be under the microscope yet again this NFL offseason with several high-profile players set to hit free agency. That includes Austin Ekeler, who had been unable to reach an agreement with the Los Angeles Chargers on an extension last offseason and momentarily even sought a trade. Now, he’s hitting unrestricted free agency. While there’s a chance L.A. could elect to deploy the franchise tag on Ekeler, odds are he’ll be able to search for a new team, if he chooses. 

“For me, it’s an open book, really,” Ekeler said of his pending free agent status on his own “Ekeler’s Edge” podcast, via Yahoo Sports. “I haven’t closed anyone off. There’s obviously things that I’m looking at that I can’t negotiate on. I definitely want a fair market price, whatever that turns to be. And that’s going to be determined. That’s TBD, depending on what the appetite for Austin on your team is. Are you in a need of a running back? Is it going to be a tandem, or do you want me to be your main guy? Hey, are you actually in a place where, hey, you like throwing the ball to your running backs, or we run 30 times a game? All of these different fits are going to have to play in a part of, hey, where am I going? What’s the conversation? So that opens up here, like, in a month.” 


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