January 22, 2022

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Back with Packers, Randall Cobb is ‘here to win a…

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Back with Packers, Randall Cobb is ‘here to win a...

“It felt like I never left,” he said, despite the changes within and around the stadium that had him taking it all in. “It felt like it was just another day. That was the realization for me, when I walked in and I was like, ‘Wow, I’m actually here,’ and it feels good to be back.”

How exactly he’ll function best in Head Coach Matt LaFleur’s offense will be determined in time, but Cobb believes the scheme certainly fits his skills. The Packers see several roles for him, including locker room leader, slot receiver, and mentor to the long-term future at the position in third-round draft pick Amari Rodgers.

LaFleur expressed confidence Cobb would learn the offense quickly, complimenting his football acumen, and that he’s got plenty to offer, referencing his eight catches for 95 yards for the Texans against the Packers in last season’s matchup.

Cobb, who turns 31 next month, believes he still has a lot left as well and is more eager to show it than talk about it. If anything can maximize what remains in the 11th-year vet’s career, it’s probably catching passes from Aaron Rodgers again.

“Those guys have a lot of time on task together,” LaFleur said. “They know each other well. I think his learning curve will be expedited because he’s going to know all the little intricacies of Aaron. Those guys have such a connection, just like Davante (Adams) and I think a lot of our receivers now.”

As for the younger Rodgers, Cobb was coached by Amari’s father, Tee Martin, in college at Kentucky. He’s known the rookie receiver since his early teen years, and they’ve stayed connected. Cobb has seen a kid with “a crazy work ethic” grow into a pro, with plenty more progress ahead of him.

A thought not lost on LaFleur, Cobb could have a tremendous influence on Amari’s development, and he’s more than willing to provide leadership in any way he’s asked.