September 23, 2021

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Baker Mayfield, Antonio Brown trade shots on…

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Baker Mayfield, Antonio Brown trade shots on...

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and unemployed wide receiver Antonio Brown are the latest NFL players to have a social media beef.

It started with Mayfield putting up a post on Instagram that one of his followers felt was too much like the kind of content Brown often posts. Mayfield responded to a comment by taking issue with any suggestion that he’s anything like Brown.

“You’re right,” Mayfield wrote sarcastically. “Let me call out my teammates and throw a fit about my helmet and then go freeze my feet off.”

Brown saw that allusion to him and wasn’t happy about it.

“Sorry ass Chico keep rolling right you ain’t done nothing in this league the internet only place u would ever talk too or about me; you know u get beat quick slice u up some humble pie,” Brown tweeted, addressing Mayfield. “Should of never been drafted before Lamar Jackson what a big scam.”

So if Brown ever does find employment with an NFL team again, we can probably cross the Browns off the list.

Baker Mayfield, Antonio Brown trade shots on social media

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