December 9, 2021

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Bears fans react to Allen Robinson not getting…

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Bears fans react to Allen Robinson not getting...

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson will have to play on the franchise tag in 2021.

Unfortunately for Chicago Bears star wide receiver Allen Robinson, he is one of six NFL players who will have to play on the franchise tag this upcoming season.

Robinson and the Bears organization were unable to come to a long-term extension before the July 15 deadline. He will play out the 2021 NFL season on a one-year deal worth $17.88 million. The former Penn State standout and 2015 Pro Bowler with the Jacksonville Jaguars will be hitting free agency next winter ahead of his age-29 season. Did the Bears make the right decision here?

Here is how Twitter is reacting to the notion that Robinson will indeed play on the franchise tag.

Chicago Bears fans react to Allen Robinson having to play on the franchise tag

The reactions over the Bears and Robinson being unable to strike a deal are somewhat mixed. While some fans do not understand how Bears general manger Ryan Pace could even let this happen, others feel like this was a foregone conclusion and this will be Robinson’s final year in Chicago anyway.

The one thing connecting most of these compelling Twitter arguments are that of rookie quarterback Justin Fields. The No. 11 overall pick has massive potential coming out of Ohio State, but is undoubtedly unproven at the NFL level. This could be a factor in the Bears and Robinson not being able to reach a long-term extension before the July 15 deadline.

What cannot be lost in all of this is how many sub-par quarterbacks Robinson has had throwing him the ball throughout his college and pro careers. From Christian Hackenberg, to Blake Bortles, to Mitchell Trubiksy, to Nick Foles, you have to feel for the guy in what he has had to work with for well over a decade now. Just imagine what he could do with a consistent top-12 quarterback.

Ultimately, it serves Robinson to be playing on a one-year deal. If he balls out and Fields looks to be the real deal, maybe he can return to the Bears on a new contract beginning in 2021? If the Bears or Robinson have a down year, both parties can walk away after experiencing a good, but not great working relationship over four years in Chicago. This is a big year for all parties involved.

While not extending Robinson is controversial, there is no doubt about his abilities to make plays.

Bears fans react to Allen Robinson not getting long-term extension before deadline