August 3, 2021

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Bengals don’t anticipate “a lot of mental failing”…

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Bengals don't anticipate "a lot of mental failing"...

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Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said recently that the team found quarterback Joe Burrow to be “as advertised” during the offseason program and that he’s done everything he can to take ownership of the offense.

All of that work has taken place remotely and quarterbacks coach Dan Pitcher acknowledges that there’s a “big void” when it comes to the lack of on-field work this offseason. Once the Bengals do get on the field, Burrow will have to show that he can execute the plays at full speed as well as he breaks them down on video.

The Bengals expect Burrow to have rough patches during that process because he has to learn which throws he’s able to make, but they don’t think Burrow will struggle with the mental aspects of the position.

“It’s a unique case study,” Pitcher said, via Paul Dehner of “Something to this extent hasn’t happened before. The failing — there’s value in that. There’s value in testing the physical limits. Seeing, OK, I’m going to fit this throw in there, not the best idea. Or maybe I can fit this throw in there. We are very fortunate working with Joe and his skill set, I don’t anticipate there being a lot of mental failing when it comes to Joe.”

The Bengals have to wait a little longer before they’ll be able to actually see Burrow take command of their offense, but there doesn’t seem to be much doubt that he’ll be comfortable doing that this summer.

Bengals don’t anticipate “a lot of mental failing” for Joe Burrow

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