July 27, 2021

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Bengals had emotional, “very beneficial” team…

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Bengals had emotional, "very beneficial" team...

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NFL teams have been holding meetings offering players and coaches a chance to discuss issues related to police brutality and systemic racism over the last couple of weeks and the Bengals had some on Monday.

The team broke into groups of about 25 people for video conferences that safety Shawn Williams called “very beneficial” for an effort to “positively push something greater than what’s going on now.”

“We had a meeting airing it all out,” Williams said, via the team’s website. “The raw, uncut truth of feelings. ‘How’s it make you feel? How are you dealing with it and what changes have to be made going forward?’ It was very open. To hear people express the way they’re feeling, it was hard. But it’s what’s needed. Guys are angry. Guys are scared. A different range of emotions. Things got tense, but for the right reasons. This stuff is emotional. You can’t have this conversation without emotion.”

Defensive tackle Ryan Glasgow said it was “pretty eye opening” to hear the experiences of black teammates and guard Michael Jordan said it was necessary to reach white players because “you have to have everybody screaming” in order to make the changes necessary for everyone to move forward.

Bengals had emotional, “very beneficial” team meeting Monday

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