Brock Purdy says he might have signed with the Vikings if he’d gone undrafted

With the final pick in the 2022 NFL draft, the 49ers selected Brock Purdy. If they hadn’t, Purdy would have been an undrafted free agent — and he might have ended up with the team he’s facing tonight, the Vikings.

Purdy told ESPN that the three teams that in addition to the 49ers, the two teams that showed interest in signing him as an undrafted rookie were the Vikings and Texans.

If Purdy had ended up with the Vikings, then the Vikings would have perhaps the best young quarterback in football. Of course, they might not know it, because Kirk Cousins hasn’t missed a game. The 49ers only realized what they had in Purdy after both Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo were injured.

Could Purdy have done for the Vikings what he’s done for the 49ers? We’ll never know. For Vikings fans, however, it’s a missed opportunity and a big what-if.


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