September 26, 2021

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Broncos look to turn corner against Jaguars in…

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Broncos look to turn corner against Jaguars in...

After Sunday’s game, Sanders said he was living in a “world of suck,” and he backed that comment up on Tuesday.

“I don’t regret it because that’s where we are,” Sanders said. “We are living in a world of suck. I’m not going to sit up here and be fake with you guys or lie to you guys and say, ‘Oh yeah, we are 0-3, and I’m having the time of my life.’ Who does that? I’m a competitor, I love to compete, but at the same time, you guys know me, I’m very positive. At the same time, we are living in a world of suck.

“Living in a world of suck is a military term in which military people say, ‘We’re living in a world of suck, but we’re going to embrace the world of suck.’ Right? And that has always been my mindset. You’re never going to see me say, ‘Oh yeah, times are hard, and I give up.’ I’m never going to give up. You guys are going to see me back at it in Empower Field [at Mile High] on Sunday trying to get a win and still understanding that we’re an 0-3 football team trying to work ourselves out of a hole, so that’s where I stand.”

Still, Sanders recognizes the Broncos are in a different situation than just a few years ago when they marched to a Super Bowl 50 win. Just five players who appeared in that game remain on the roster.

“We’re young and we’ve got some young guys,” Sanders said. “I look at [TE] Noah Fant, a young guy. I look at [OL] Dalton [Risner]. I still look at [T Garett] Bolles, he’s young. The year we went to the Super Bowl, we had veteran guys even on the special teams. We had older guys on the special teams. We’re young. I understand that sometimes it can get frustrating because you want to win, but at the same time you’ve got to understand these guys are young and they’ve got to grow to be professionals. You don’t step into the NFL and say, ‘Oh yeah, that guys is a pro.’ Some people it takes three or four years for them to even get in the groove of it. You’ve got to understand, you guys are just thinking about football, but these guys are balancing stuff off the field to try to just get a rhythm of just being a true pro.”

Don’t think that means Sanders isn’t still focused on winning in 2019. As a competitor fighting against the world of suck, Sanders doesn’t want to wait to win.

“I think we have a good enough team to win now,” Sanders said. “We’ve just got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and I feel like that’s what we’ve been doing. Hopefully we can stop doing that.”

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