May 25, 2022

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Broncos swing big to acquire Russell Wilson, who…

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Broncos swing big to acquire Russell Wilson, who...

Wilson has no plans to slow down, as he said he wanted to play 10 to 12 more years and win three or four more Super Bowls.

“That’s the plan,” Wilson said. “That’s the mindset. That’s why I came here, to hopefully be able to finish my career here and to finish on top as a champion and do it multiple times. That’s my mindset.”

Wilson said he wouldn’t have waived his no-trade clause from Seattle unless he was headed to a winner, and the Broncos fit that bill. As he studied the team’s film — he’s watched all 17 regular-season games and all three preseason games, multiple times — he saw the characteristics of a winner. That wasn’t just talk, either, as Wilson identified specific plays from the previous season for a handful of his new teammates.

“I came here for one reason,” Wilson said. “I came here for one reason. And that’s to win. And that’s what I believe in. So every day, what you’re going to get from me is that mentality. You’re going to get that juice, you’re going to get that energy, you’re going to get that focus — and we’re going to do it together. … We’re here for one thing, and that’s to win. It’s to win at the highest level often.”

As Paton said Wednesday, “nothing’s guaranteed” because of the acquisition of Wilson. The Broncos, though, believe Wilson is the right person to lead them toward the next step. That progression is attainable, in part, because of the details of the trade. While Paton said it was difficult to part with Noah Fant, Shelby Harris and Drew Lock, the Broncos largely avoided shaving their top talent from their roster.

“Those three players are really good players, and we’re going to miss them,” Paton said. “But we had more good players here. I felt like we wouldn’t have done the trade — and Russell probably wouldn’t have wanted to come — if we had to gut our entire team. I still think we have a lot of good players in place, a lot of core players. As I mentioned at the end of the season, I think we have a really good foundation in place. I think Russell saw that. We’re going to add. We added in free agency. We’re going to continue to add. The work is never done. We’re going to do everything it takes to win, and we feel like we have a lot of good players here.”

Those players will head toward the 2022 season poised to face an AFC West challenge that looks as formidable as ever. With three of the league’s top quarterbacks already in place with division rivals and a new influx of pass-rush talent, the division schedule will likely be a bear.

The team’s new quarterback is far from deterred, though.

“I want to play against the best,” Wilson said. “I don’t fear anything.”

Sound like a quarterback that Broncos Country can get behind? Like a player that can lead the Broncos back to a championship level of play? Like the future of this franchise?