December 5, 2021

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Bucs fan reveals what he wants after returning Tom…

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Bucs fan reveals what he wants after returning Tom...

New England Patriots legend Tom Brady became the first player in NFL history to throw for 600 touchdown passes on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. Nothing new, just Brady continuing to dominate in his second year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, wide receiver Mike Evans, who caught the pass, put a damper on the event by giving the ball away to a random fan in the stands.

That fan was 29-year-old Byron Kennedy, who returned the ball to a Tampa Bay staff member. Evans is lucky, considering Brady could’ve never seen that football again.

Kennedy could’ve chosen to keep the ball and was in a position with a large amount of leverage over last year’s Super Bowl champions.

A signed Tom Brady Jersey? A signed Tom Brady football? Tickets to another game?

No, Kennedy asked for one simple thing in return that has nothing to do with the game of football, minus the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Fan wants to play a round of golf with former New England Patriots QB Tom Brady in exchange for giving up his coveted No. 600 ball

Byron wants to play a round of golf with Brady in exchange for giving the No. 600 ball back to the seven-time Super Bowl winner. Kennedy already had a front row seat to watch his favorite team, but had no idea that he’d play a big role in Tom making history. In his hands was one of the most vital pieces of sports memorabilia and he made the decision to give it up.

Let’s be honest, though, how could you not give the football back? If you’re a true fan, you want your team’s quarterback to be the one in possession of the ball. After all, Evans was caught up in the moment and wouldn’t have given the football up if he would’ve remembered just how significant the touchdown pass was.

Not saying that Byron would’ve sold it, but…imagine the price tag put on that football?! Kennedy could’ve sat front row at Raymond James Stadium for an eternity’s worth of games, if not longer. If Brady catches wind of Byron’s request to play a round of golf together, he should definitely jump on that opportunity. He was able to fall asleep last night knowing that the No. 600 ball was with its rightful owner, after all.

Tom’s achievement on Sunday isn’t something that should be shared only with Buccaneers fans, either. He threw for 541 touchdowns during his 20 years with the Patriots. Brady’s development in New England is what allowed for him to be in this souvenir-related predicament on Sunday.

It’s not the first time that Tom has set an NFL record this season, either. Less than a month ago, he broke the league’s all-time passing record…against the Patriots. How bittersweet.

The GOAT is lucky that Kennedy willingly let the ball go, just like the Patriots were lucky to get to play a role in No. 600.



Patriots: Bucs fan reveals what he wants after returning Tom Brady’s 600th TD pass