June 22, 2021

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Cam Newton getting disrespected by a teenager is…

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Cam Newton getting disrespected by a teenager is...

By no means do we want to turn into the “old man yells at sky” publication, but this kind of behavior simply shouldn’t slide with anyone. Unless it was some sort of staged act, which we don’t think is the case here.

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was thought to be hosting football camp (we don’t know where), but apparently he’s on the sidelines for a 7v7 high school football game — none of which is confirmed, however. During the action, he was oddly catching smack talk from one of the kids in attendance. The video is soon to go viral, too.

For some reason, the teenager thought it’d be a good idea to criticize Newton and say he’s “ass” and that he’s “about to be poor” because he’s a free agent.

Can these kids at least learn about career earnings before they go out and start disrespecting their elders like this? Thankfully Cam had some fun with it and put the kid in his place, but you can’t help but drop your head in disappointment in regards to the direction society is trending.

That’s a former MVP and Heisman Trophy winner you’re talking to, buddy. It wasn’t too long ago this kind of behavior would be handled swiftly at the scene, but the times have changed, and thankfully Cam is a class act.

“I’m rich. Where’s your daddy at? Let me talk to your dad,” Newton replied, while wearing a Peloton jacket. The guy’s also earned over $120 million in his NFL career! Who does this kid think he is?

Newton is one of the most prolific dual-threat quarterbacks in NFL history, so clearly this young man needs to stop digesting lowlights on Twitter and Instagram. How about you sit down and watch a full game of tape? Or is that too much to ask for these younger generations and their attention spans?

One bad season coming off a major injury and people — let alone knowledge-less teenagers — think they can speak like this to Newton (or anyone, for that matter!).

Didn’t this kid see what Newton did to Josh Norman in Panthers training camp years back? He should easily be able to access that YouTube video on his iPhone while he’s warming the bench on the sidelines.

Patriots: Cam Newton getting disrespected by a teenager is everything that’s wrong with society