June 22, 2021

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Cam Newton has an eye-opening take on N’Keal Harry

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Cam Newton has an eye-opening take on N'Keal Harry

The New England Patriots’ ongoing search for a new quarterback will consume most of the headlines until it comes to an end.

However, assuming that quest isn’t completed until well into the free agency sweepstakes, signing a clearcut No. 1 wideout would go a long way in terms of making them a more attractive destination.

Much has been made about the Patriots’ need to overhaul their receiving corps over the last two seasons, and that sentiment has largely been based around N’Keal Harry’s inability to show any real signs in his development.

Yes, even under Cam Newton’s wing.

Well, during a recent appearance on Brandon Marshall’s “I Am Athlete” podcast, Newton, now a free agent, implied that Harry has had some trouble conforming to the famed Patriot Way and that he was taken to task by the coaching staff as a result.

These are eye-opening comments from Newton, who often went to great lengths to defend the 2019 first-round pick amid his struggle-riddled sophomore season, and they really make you wonder if he has any sort of future with the Patriots.

Former Patriots quarterback Cam Newton made some telling remarks about wideout N’Keal Hary.

This was a clever play on words from Newton here, but as we learned this past season, he’s always capable of delivering the goods in front of the microphone. The main takeaway here is that Harry has a lot to prove if he has any hope of remaining with the Patriots beyond his rookie contract.

When you consider how short New England was at the receiver position in 2020, it makes next to zero sense why Harry only played 58% of the offensive snaps. However, these comments indicate that he was unable to withstand criticism and his playing time suffered as a result. That’s really the only logical explanation for someone as physically gifted as Harry playing as little as he did.

Newton didn’t exactly confirm what his comments entailed or whether Harry has rectified his supposed attitude concerns, but for his sake we seriously hope somebody in the locker room takes him under their wing and teaches him how to reckon with tough coaching and become a better player because of it.

Newton would no doubt shoulder that burden if he ends up re-signing with the Patriots this offseason, but the bottom line is that there was more to Harry’s continued struggles to kickstart his professional career this season than what met the eye.

We’re still firm believers in the Arizona State product’s potential, but the Patriots don’t exactly have a high tolerance level when it comes to waiting around for young players to, well, come around. Assuming that New England doesn’t move on from Harry this offseason, you have to think next season will be his last chance to prove he deserves a future with the team.

Patriots: Cam Newton has an eye-opening take on N’Keal Harry