May 12, 2021

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Cam Newton responds to positive test in Instagram…

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Cam Newton responds to positive test in Instagram...

Patriots QB Cam Newton posted an Instagram about his COVID-19 diagnosis featuring some strange mask positioning on Sunday.

The New England Patriots’ season was derailed on Saturday by a positive coronavirus diagnosis for the most essential member of the roster, comeback QB Cam Newton.

The team’s game against the Chiefs has been rushed into a Monday night slot thanks to some negative rapid tests, possible spread of the virus be damned, and Brian Hoyer will be under center thanks to Saturday’s shocking news.

Newton, the center of the team’s resurgence, addressed his positive test on Sunday without his trademark positivity, leaving it up to God’s will to dictate his recovery.

The QB generally uses Instagram to speak his mind, and in this instance, his first public “appearance” following his diagnosis doesn’t shed much light on what happened here.

Considering he didn’t detail any complications, we’re left to believe that Newton is asymptomatic, though there’s no data to glean from his caption.

And, yes, it’s not the greatest look that he decided to highlight his face here instead of demonstrating proper mask-wearing.

Every other test that has returned for the Patriots following Newton’s bombshell has been negative, though we cannot assure anyone that the disease was stopped in its tracks and Monday’s game will happen as rescheduled.

It’s refreshing to see Newton in his usual online habitat yet again, though, following the very surprising news of his diagnosis.

Based on exactly what type of a leader Newton has been thus far, we do worry about the psychological effect on the team moving forward. Hoyer is an established veteran who won’t be spooked, but New England’s specific roster advantage is based on Newton, the mobility he brings, and the development process he’s ignited in weapons like N’Keal Harry and Damiere Byrd.

We join Pats Nation in wishing a quick recovery for our QB, someone who’s used to battling back.

Patriots: Cam Newton responds to positive test in Instagram post

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