July 27, 2021

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Cam Newton’s Latest Instagram Proves He’s Already…

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Cam Newton’s Latest Instagram Proves He's Already...

New England Patriots QB Cam Newton is already getting to work and fans should be pumped.

First he let the world know that his contract with the New England Patriots was about respect, not money. Then he told everyone he’s tired of being humble in a workout clip. Cam Newton has been active on social media and he’s putting the NFL on notice.

Now, Patriots fans will be delighted to see the former MVP already studying the team’s playbook. That’ll get you in Bill Belichick’s good graces, right?

Newton took to Instagram for a third time and tagged teammate Julian Edelman. Time to work.

And getting a little NSFW on us! Ok, Cam! We don’t doubt that the playbook is pretty tough. After all, Belichick is constantly evolving and finding new ways to turn the NFL upside down.

But Cam can handle it. He was always working with moving parts in Carolina and never really had a top wideout to target (yeah, Steve Smith at the back end of his career during Newton’s rookie and sophomore years doesn’t really count). Now he’ll have a fluid system to work within and will be joined by guys like Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, Sony Michel and James White.

And if he’s healthy? Forget about it. We all know what he’s capable of when he’s not hampered by injuries. This wasn’t even two years ago!

It’s certainly encouraging seeing Cam dive in already, but did we really expect anything else? This guy is a workhorse and plays to win. It’s been evident since his college days at Auburn when he won a national title and parlayed that into becoming the No. 1 overall. pick.

Just think how far ahead he’d be though if the Patriots came to their senses and signed him months ago? Did everyone really think Belichick would go into the season with no QB competition and have Jarrett Stidham let it fly? Come on.

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Patriots: Cam Newton’s Latest Instagram Proves He’s Already Hard at Work on Playbook

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