Can Eagles end years of frustration vs. Cowboys?

In Roob’s Observations: Can Eagles end years of frustration vs. Cowboys? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

A look at the Eagles’ recent lack of success against the Cowboys, the shocking retirement of Pete Pihos and more A.J. Brown craziness.

It’s a Cowboys Week edition of Roob’s 10 Random Eagles Observations, and it’s jam-packed with stuff you didn’t know you needed to know.

1. To understand how huge this Eagles-Cowboys game is you have to look at the last decade and just how long it’s been since the Eagles had a signature win over their fiercest rival. First of all, the Eagles are 3-8 in their last 11 games against the Cowboys. Nick Sirianni is 1-3, with the win coming last year at the Linc over backup QB Cooper Rush. The Eagles beat Dallas late in the 2020 season, also at the Linc, but that was against rookie 5th-round pick Ben DiNucci in his only career start. The Eagles did beat the Cowboys late in the 2019 season, Carson Wentz over Dak Prescott, and that’s the last time they beat Prescott, but that was also not a good Cowboys team. That was at the very end of 2019 and the Cowboys were in the middle of a 4-8 stretch that cost Garrett his job. The Eagles beat Dallas in 2017, and the Cowboys did go 9-7 that year so it was a decent win and remains the last Eagles win over a Dallas team with a winning record with their starting quarterback, but that was not a Cowboys playoff team. The Eagles beat Dallas on the last day of the 2016 season, but the Cowboys had a 1st-round bye locked up and played 3rd-string QB and former Eagle Mark Sanchez. The Eagles got a win over the Cowboys in 2015 but that was a 4-12 Dallas team. They beat them late in 2011 but neither team was going anywhere. Beat ‘em late in 2010, but that was a 6-10 Cowboys team. You get the idea. The last time the Eagles beat a playoff-bound Cowboys team that had its starting quarterback was Nov. 27, 2014, when both teams were 8-3 and Sanchez – still with the Eagles – threw…


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