September 26, 2021

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Cardinals Film Room: David Johnson Goes Vertical

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Cardinals Film Room: David Johnson Goes Vertical

The Lions safeties help on the wideouts, giving Johnson room: “If they go into Cover 2 and split up, I’ll have a good chance. They did that, so it was just me and the linebacker 1-on-1. We split it right through the middle. The biggest thing was not letting him grab me or slow me down.”

The play develops as Kingsbury hopes: “We had the ‘Z’ (receiver, Trent Sherfield) coming back underneath as the second read. Kyler did a nice job recognizing coverage and seeing those safeties split. He just waited on it, and it was a great back-shoulder throw.”

Th Lions’ interior pass rush didn’t get much penetration in the fourth quarter as fatigue became an issue. Pugh: “They’re 350-pound guys in the middle there. They ended up taking those guys out of the game completely. (Mike) Daniels, (Damon) Harrison and A’Shawn Robinson weren’t in the game (most of) the fourth quarter, and that’s $30 million a year of guys on the sidelines, so that’s impressive to keep them off the field.”

Kennard is the only one getting pressure as Justin Murray tries to hold up: “On this specific play, he got me pretty good with a hand swipe and I was trying my best to run him up. You can see he was about to turn the edge on me. Had (Kyler Murray) stayed there, it could have been a hit or whatever. Thankfully he got the ball off in time.”

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