September 21, 2021

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Cardinals Film Room: Patrick Peterson’s Corner…

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Peterson assesses the situation: “It was a great call by Vance. It was in the game plan all week. They hadn’t seen much of it. We hadn’t shown many corner blitzes on film all year. I was in the boundary this week, and it just happened to be on the right hash, so I came on the blindside. It was the perfect call, because the play is fourth-and-15. It’s going to take at least four seconds for the play to develop. The ball is not going to come out as quick as it should.”

Kingsbury likes the element of surprise: “You don’t see a ton of corner blitzes in this league, and what a great time to call it.”

Baker looks like a deep safety initially: “This was fourth-and-long. We were trying to show two-high (safeties) coverage because we had been playing two-high a lot. Patrick timed the snap out perfect and I had to go over the top as coverage.”

Peterson is relieved wide receiver Darius Slayton didn’t line up closer to the sideline before the snap: “I was hoping he wasn’t too far, because we would have checked out of it and the safety would have ended up blitzing. I’m happy that he gave us the look we wanted.”

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