October 19, 2021

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Carson Wentz’s Toughness, Rock Ya-Sin’s Strong…

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Carson Wentz's Toughness, Rock Ya-Sin's Strong...

2. The Colts know they need to be better situationally.

The Colts have had eight possessions this season reach a goal-to-go set of downs, yet have only scored touchdowns three times on those drives. On Sunday, the Colts had two goal-to-go situations and did not score a touchdown on either.

This isn’t a perfect stat, since the Colts got into the end zone on Hines’ nine-yard touchdown – a play that did not come on a goal-to-go down. But leaving touchdowns on the board in those two goal-to-go spots, both of which were in the second half, left a lingering feeling of frustration with the Colts.

“Really, it’s just execution,” Hines said. “The offense, in the red zone, we’ve got to execute. Frank calls what he calls, and as the offense, no matter what he calls we have to execute. That’s starting with everybody – offensive line, QBs, running backs, receiver – we have to execute. I think we played a great game for the most part, but the situational ball is where we need to execute better.”

The Colts only converted three of 12 third down tries, too; the average distance to the sticks on those plays was 6.6 yards, and those three conversions came on the team’s only three tries on third-and-3-or-fewer. The Colts did pick up first downs on a pair of fourth-and-one tries after failing to convert on third down, so that 3/12 number is a little misleading.

But since the start of the 2020 season, teams that convert 25 percent or fewer or their third downs are 24-63-1. Conversely: The Titans converted 50 percent of their third downs and picked up a first down on their only fourth down try of the game.

“It’s situational football, taking advantage of those opportunities,” defensive tackle DeForest Buckner said. “We have to get off the field, we have to make a play on offense. The past three weeks that’s kind of been the deal.”