August 10, 2022

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Challenging rookie season hardened Packers center…

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Challenging rookie season hardened Packers center...

Asked to select the most important thing he learned from Rodgers last season, Myers hesitated because there were too many choices. Then he zeroed in on one related to Rodgers’ elevated attention to detail that’s very specific to Myers’ job – learning all the nuances to the snap counts and why they matter.

“I know I’ve talked about this before, with how good his cadence is. That’s just an example,” Myers said. “I think so many quarterbacks and so many teams take cadence for granted. Not him. Everything is so detailed. That’s probably the biggest takeaway.”

With that knowledge and a better understanding of the playbook under his belt, plus a healthier knee, Myers feels good heading into his second training camp. He’s also decided to go back to wearing braces on both of his knees – which he did throughout high school and college – to try to avoid another injury like last year’s.

NFL offensive linemen often eschew any braces they wore in college so as not to limit their mobility in the high-speed pro game, but at this stage Myers would rather reduce his injury risk despite the drawbacks.

“They’re not super light, they’re not super flexible, so those are the areas where they affect you the most,” he said. “Sometimes they make your legs a little more tired, but those are all things I’m willing to work around.

“They really don’t bother me that much. So I felt like it was a small sacrifice to make to protect my knees.”

The other piece to put behind him, as with the entire team, is how the season ended in the NFC Divisional playoffs vs. San Francisco.

Having played at Ohio State in the CFP title game in 2020 and a semifinal in ’21, the NFL postseason stage wasn’t too big for Myers. It was just his second game back from the knee injury, but he thought he played “OK.”

More to the point, because he had so few games of his own to review from last year, he suspects he’s watched the film of it more than many of his teammates, so the result has stuck with him throughout the past several months.

It has given him an additional push, along with the desire to be and stay healthy, as Year 2 arrives.

“It goes through my mind a lot,” he admitted of the playoff disappointment. “You know, I’ve had the fortune or misfortune, I guess how(ever) you look at it, of being really close a lot in my career to a ring, whether that be a national championship in college or a Super Bowl in the NFL.

“So being close but not quite being there has been something that’s motivated me the last several offseasons.”