August 5, 2021

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Chart showing Tom Brady’s cities’ success…

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Chart showing Tom Brady's cities' success...

The New England Patriots were able to enjoy an almost unrivaled period of success when Tom Brady was in town as the quarterback, but the winning ways shown on the football field appear to have percolated over tp the rest of Boston sports, as the MLB’s Red Sox, NHL’s Bruins, and NBA’s Celtics all won championships during the last two decades.

The nigh-immortal Brady has since left New England behind for his brand new home with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it appears as if whatever pixie dust that Brady had with him in Foxborough made the trip with him to central Florida.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been a fixture in the Stanley Cup Playoffs over the prior decade, even setting records for regular-season success, but they had mostly faltered in the postseason.

All it took for them to overcome their demons and win a championship was Brady deciding to make the journey to Tampa.

The Lightning won their second consecutive Stanley Cup, meaning that between the Buccaneers, Lightning, and Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa teams have made four championship rounds in the last two seasons, winning three of them. Meanwhile, no Boston team has made it to the Finals since Brady left town.

In fact, everywhere Brady has lived in his life, local teams continue to rack up championships, dating back to the early ’80s San Francisco 49ers, late ’90s Detroit Red Wings, and that famous Boston run.

Patriots: Tampa teams can’t lose since Tom Brady arrived.

Brady, who grew up in the Bay Area, saw the 49ers and then-Oakland Raiders dominate the NFL landscape at the turn of the decade, with Joe Montana winning four championships in the decade. Even the A’s managed to snag a World Series in that span.

When Brady made the decision to attend Michigan, not only was he part of a Wolverines team that split a national title in 1998, but the Red Wings brought the Stanley Cup to Detroit three times between 1996 and 2001.

The Lightning had just one championship before the 2019-20 season, the Rays had made the World Series just once in their 22-year history prior to 2020, and the Buccaneers had just one Super Bowl appearance and win to their name since they were founded in 1976. Brady comes in, and suddenly every team in Tampa can’t lose.

Before Brady arrived in Tampa, the Bucs’ franchise was largely anonymous with their early 2000s heyday excluded, the Rays vacillated between unwatchable dreck and a Wild Card team, and the Lightning couldn’t win the big one. Brady puts on pewter and red, and Tampa is on an uncommonly long hot streak.

At this point, it can’t be a coincidence.

Patriots: Chart showing Tom Brady’s cities’ success throughout his life is wild