September 29, 2021

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Chicago Bears beginning 2021 rookie minicamp at…

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Chicago Bears beginning 2021 rookie minicamp at...

In past years, the Bears have invited 30-40 unsigned rookies to try out at the minicamp. But that’s not the case this year due to COVID restrictions.

Here’s a breakdown of the players who are slated to participate and the jersey numbers they’ve been assigned:

1: Justin Fields, quarterback
24o: Khalil Herbert, running back
27: Thomas Graham Jr., cornerback
75: Larry Borom, tackle
76: Teven Jenkins, tackle
83: Dazz Newsome, receiver
95: Khyiris Tonga, nose tackle

Undrafted free agents (13)

6: Brian Johnson, kicker
24d: Dionte Ruffin, cornerback
37: CJ Marable, running back
49o: Scooter Harrington, tight end
49d: Charles Snowden, outside linebacker
62d: Thomas Schaffer, defensive lineman
62o: William Cervenka, guard
63o: Gunnar Vogel, tackle
69: Dareuan Parker, guard
72: Daniel Archibong, defensive tackle
78: Sam Kamara, defensive tackle
86: Khalil McClain, receiver
92: Caleb Johnson, linebacker

19: Thomas Ives, receiver*
31: Tre Roberson, cornerback*
46: Rojesterman Farris, cornerback
53: Ledarius Mack, outside linebacker*
60o: Dieter Eiselen, guard*
60d: Michael Pinckney, linebacker
63d: LaCale London, defensive end*
82: Jester Weah, receiver

*Joined Bears prior to 2021

13: Chris Lacy, receiver
15: Kyle Sloter, quarterback
30: Tedric Thompson, safety
44: Michael Roberts, tight end
57: Peter Kalambayi, linebacker