Chiefs’ Kadarius Toney plans to troll Giants with Super Bowl ring by wearing bling on his middle finger

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Kadarius Toney has some new bling and is using it to troll other fan bases. The ring the team earned by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII was unveiled last week and it is a rather impressive piece of jewelry.

The ring is the ultimate flex. The symbolism of being world champs is great enough, and the 629 diamonds they put on each piece only makes it more of a statement.

For Toney, the ring is not just a way to celebrate the 2023 season, it is also a way to dunk on his former team, the New York Giants. 

Toney was seen on video with a visual explanation of where he plans to wear his Super Bowl ring. He said the ring will be going on his middle finger, flipping the bird and saying it was a message for the Giants and their fans.

“I got the Super Bowl ring coming through this finger right here,” Toney said holding up his middle finger. “For everybody in New York right here. Aye this for everybody in New York right here. It’s gonna be right here though.”

He was laughing and joking, but also … may be slightly serious.

“Y’all be tuned in. I might be viral somewhere,” after being asked when he would get his ring. “Imma go in the middle of New York with that middle finger up.”

He explained that the jokes goes both ways.

“Hey look, I love trolling. They be trying to troll me. I got something for them,” Toney said.

Toney did not have the best relationship with the Giants, if that was not immediately clear by him giving them the middle finger in the video. 

He began his career in New York as a first-round pick in 2021, taken by the Giants at No. 20 overall. He played in 10 games for New York in 2021, starting four. He finished his rookie season with 39 receptions for 420 yards. Toney played in just two games with one start for the Giants in 2022. Injuries impacted his time with the team and they were quick…


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