College football pundits express their doubts about USC

USC’s loss to Notre Dame exposed the Trojans on the field. It also exposed them to a lot of criticism, which is frankly deserved.

ESPN college football analyst and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy is very worried about USC.

McElroy explained on the “Always College Football” podcast this week,.

“There’s a lot that’s still left on the schedule, man,” McElroy said. “You’ve got a game against Utah here in a week. Do you guys like your chances right now if you’re an SC fan against Utah? Granted, it’s in the Coliseum, but I can’t say I feel great about that situation for the Trojans.”

McElroy said Cal is scrappy, but that game on Oct. 28 is the only slam-dunk win left on USC’s schedule.

“You’ve got Washington at your place, you’ve got at Oregon, and you’ve got UCLA,” McElroy continued. “They’re not going to be favored in any of the three. Do they get Utah? I don’t know.

“But I had said last week on the show USC might be a 7-5 football team without Caleb Williams. Well, USC might be a 7-5 football team with Caleb Williams. That’s the scary thing when you look at what’s left on the schedule.”

Aaron Taylor of CBS Sports thinks USC will continue to decline. Taylor is a former Notre Dame football player, so some might say he’s not calling it down the middle, but then again, anyone who saw USC against Notre Dame could not come away with a favorable impression of the Trojans.

The Utah Utes come into town this week in a top-25 showdown against USC.

Utah won this matchup twice a year ago, but quarterback Cam Rising played a huge role in both wins. It’s unclear if Rising, who has been unavailable for each of the Utes’ first six games, will be in uniform when the Utes head to Los Angeles.

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