May 8, 2021

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Colts Give Back With Presents And Presence In…

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Colts Give Back With Presents And Presence In...

“I think there were a couple of moments with some patients and families that were having a hard day and this totally made a difference,” Haut said. “There was one mom, who after we were singing – she had to sit down. She said, ‘I’m getting emotional. I’m sorry.’ And everyone was like, ‘No. That’s why we’re here.’ That was a really beautiful moment.”

Just like football, healing kids takes teamwork.

“We talk about patient or family centered care. The Colts are a key part of our team,” said Haut. “It takes the whole community working together to accomplish what we need to.”

From coats and hats to shoes, school supplies, and toys – in December, the Colts give back in a big way.

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