January 18, 2022

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Colts linebacker calls out Mac Jones ahead of Week…

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Colts linebacker calls out Mac Jones ahead of Week...

The New England Patriots didn’t play over the weekend, but their Week 13 win over the Buffalo Bills is still being discussed ad nauseam.

Forced to play through inclement weather conditions, Bill Belichick opted against throwing Mac Jones to the wolves. Instead, the Patriots dialed up 46 running plays, which they turned into 222 yards and a 14-0 road win.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime strategy from Belichick and Josh McDaniels; one they seemingly wouldn’t be afraid to deploy again if it came to that.

With a Saturday night (!) road matchup in Indianapolis on deck for New England, it’s fair to assume Jones will have the freedom to sling the pigskin all over the weather-friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium.

How are the Colts preparing for the game? Like any smart team, they’re going to let Jones try to beat them through the air.

However, linebacker Bobby Okereke made a regrettable decision by calling out the rookie quarterback on Monday.

Bobby Okereke proably should’ve thought twice about calling out Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.

A clip of Okereke’s presser would give us proper context, but if you think for a second that this quote isn’t already hanging all over the Patriots locker room, you haven’t been paying attention the last 20 years.

Something tell us Belichick is so obsessed with proving a point that he might deploy another run-heavy approach. If it worked against the Bills, who previously had the best run D in the league, shouldn’t it work against Indy, which ranks 15th in that regard?

Couldn’t hurt.

If the Colts do choose to stack the box, though, they should know 30 mph winds and freezing rain won’t be a factor inside their dome. In other words, Jones will be playing in his (and every quarterback’s) preferred environment.

It’s like folks are more critical of Jones for only attempting three road passes in a road win in brutal weather conditions than the Bills for actually losing to a team that only attempted three passes the entire game.

Belichick will ultimately have the final say in the Pats’ offensive game plan for Saturday, but we’d really love nothing more than to watch Jones to drop back to pass 50 times and throw for 300-plus yards and three touchdowns in a New England win.

That’s probably wishful thinking, but if Jones’ mental make-up is as similar to Tom Brady’s as some people seem to think, don’t be surprised if the No. 15 overall pick turns things up a notch against the Colts.

If Belichick gives him the freedom to do so, that is.

Colts linebacker calls out Mac Jones ahead of Week 15 matchup