May 8, 2021

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Conference Championship Game Discussion | Football…

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Conference Championship Game Discussion | Football...

The Trophyette … hilarious…

The Trophyette … hilarious.


Two of the most impressive quarterback performances I ever saw were in right here in this round. Justin Smith and Von Miller were dominant, but the QB’s kept coming back. Phenomenal, even if one of those ended in a loss.


And now on to the business.


TB @ GB -3 / 53

    An early high-leverage 4th down choice is made correctly by MLF, and the Packers start out strong. But between Brady’s relentless efficiency and a lot of linebacker speed, TB slowly gains ground, completing the comeback late. 31-28.


Buf @ KC -3 / 54.5

   A very volatile 1st quarter sees KC holding onto a small lead. Buffalo keeps the pressure but never gains the lead, and the 4th quarter mostly drains away before one last drive that just can’t quite come through. 22-30.


What robotic contraption is it that Bruce Arians wears over his shoulder on the sideline?