July 27, 2021

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Corey Davis expects Sam Darnold to be Jets’…

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Corey Davis expects Sam Darnold to be Jets’...

Corey Davis, the 26-year-old free-agent receiver the Jets signed last week, said on Tuesday that he came to the Jets with the belief that Sam Darnold will be the team’s quarterback in 2021.

“That’s my understanding,” Davis told reporters on a Zoom call. “I’m coming in with the understanding that Sam is the guy.”

Davis, who’s coming off a career-best season in 2020 with 65 catches for 984 yards and five TDs (all career highs) acknowledged the perceived uncertainty at quarterback when he signed with the Jets and said, “That doesn’t scare me away at all.”

“Whichever direction they decide to go, it’s on me to be sure I’m ready,” Davis said. “I’m ready to catch (passes) from whomever.”

Davis complimented Darnold, saying, “I’ve seen Sam do great things and have all belief in him. He can make some great throws. He’s definitely a guy I look forward to working with. He’s a great leader. I’ve heard great things from talking to guys on the team.

“I look forward playing with him. He’s a competitor. We can both learn from each other. He’s young and we’re both growing and we can grow together.”

Jets Corey Davis NFL free agency Sam Darnold
Corey Davis, Sam Darnold
AP; N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Interestingly, Davis said he has not yet spoken to Darnold, saying that he “just got his number” and is “going to reach out to him as soon as I get the chance.”

Davis was signed a week ago and is almost certain to be the Jets’ top receiver.

“I do consider myself wide receiver one (because of) my ability to get open, my speed, separation,” Davis said. “I feel like I can do it all. I feel like I’m a 1,000 yard receiver. It’s up to me to put in the work make sure I’m healthy and play a full season.”

It seems curious that Darnold would not have already reached out to Davis, his new No. 1 receiver. Unless he doesn’t believe he’ll be the quarterback throwing passes to him come September.

One thing is certain about the Jets’ quarterbacking situation in 2021: It remains uncertain. Regardless of Davis’ expectations.